GET has strategically chosen to keep its existing clientele active, which presupposes that we must prove our consistency to the existing customer – partner in terms of a range of commitments and characteristics such as: Adherence to the schedule, implementation of what is technically and financially agreed , know-how, flexibility, immediacy, quality and support.

The Municipality of Chalandri proceeded to renew the cooperation with GET, for the maintenance of the existing Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), as well as its expansion.

The infrastructure already hosts a large amount of geospatial data and serves the Municipality’s functions at an operational level, as it is the basis for the vertical applications provided by GET to the Municipality of Chalandri regarding the Urban Planning GET e-POLEO Application and the GET WASTE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. In the context of the new project, given the maturity of the system and the transfer of know-how to the internal users of the system, the functionality of the existing SDI will be expanded, and it will be also utilized also in matters of Civil Protection as well as for the management of the Social Structures of the Municipality.