URBANPROOF TOOLKIT: A Decision Support System for assisting municipalities in climatic adaptation planning


Name: National University of Athens

Unit of Environmental Science and Technology

Website: http://www.uest.gr/

The Unit of Environmental Science and Technology (UEST) is an educational and research unit at the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. The unit works in collaboration with other Universities, research institutes, public and local authorities and with the private sector with the aim of enhancing education, research, technology and innovation.

UEST works in close cooperation with competent Ministries and other Governmental agencies, as well as various European and International Organizations, providing environmental management inputs for the development and implementation of national strategies and action plans. UEST has been the National Reference Center of Greece representing the country at the European Topic Center on Waste and Material Flows (ETC/WMF) of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The Unit has undertaken more than 100 projects, national, international and European including Life-Environment, Life-3rd Countries, Twinning and MEDA-Water projects etc.

The URBANPROOF toolkit is a powerful decision support system aimed to enable better informed decision making for climate change adaptation planning. In specific, the user is guided though the different features of the toolkit in order to gain insight into the climate change impacts to the urban environment, to explore and evaluate the available adaptation options and to investigate the effect of adaptation interventions in increasing climate change resilience.

The tool has been developed in the frame of the LIFE URBANPROOF project “Climate Proofing Urban Municipalities” which is co-financed by the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action (2014-2020).

The toolkit consists of 5 interdependent modules/stages which altogether comprise the adaptation process:

– Stage 1: Information on climate change.
– Stage 2: Impact assessment.
– Stage 3: Exploration and evaluation of adaptation options.
– Stage 4: Development of the adaptation strategy.
– Stage 5: Monitoring and review

GET was responsible for the development of the Toolkit based on the methodology and data provided by the LIFE URBANPROOF partners. The toolkit is an web application which provides access to climatic datasets as interactive maps, graphs or tables. The application utilizes the technology and the knowhow of GET related to spatial data management and spatial data visualization and analysis.


  • GET SDI Portal
  • PostgreSQL
  • Geoserver

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