Software for the calculation of industrial symbiosis


Name: Department of Production and Management Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace

The Department of Production and Management Engineering aims to cultivate and promote the science of Production and Management Engineering. In particular, the PM&D Department fulfills its mission by teaching, researching and applying systematic ways of improving productivity (increasing the quality and quantity of production while reducing available resources) and training qualified engineers capable of studying, researching and practicing by designing the structure and operation of modern technological and administrative systems. The graduate engineer of the PM&D Department can staff departments of organization, administration, planning and business planning of various enterprises. It can also develop critical skills needed to organize human, material and financial resources.


The BIO2CARE project “Strengthening Protected Areas Management Capacity through an Innovative Sustainability Methodology” implemented under the Interreg Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Program, aims to improve the administrative capacity of Protected Areas Management Authorities in benefit of biodiversity and local societies.

The main action of BIO2CARE is to develop an innovative integrated decision support system, which will be a valuable tool for capturing and understanding anthropogenic activities that exert pressure on protected areas, and for quantifying their impacts on biodiversity (for example, measurement of ecological, carbon and water footprint). This tool, combined with the installation and operation of high-tech flora, fauna and illegal activity monitoring systems, will help to curb environmental pressures in protected areas, improve our knowledge and ultimately improve their environmental status.

In this context, GET has undertaken the implementation of a software for the calculation of symbiotic activities between industries, enterprises and stakeholders located in the area. The web tool implements the methodology of the BIO2CARE project. It is based on open source tools and software like the PostgreSQL database, the GIS server Geoserver, and the GET SDI PORTAL framework for the development of Web GIS applications. The registered users, in a user-friendly UI, provide the necessary data regarding the inputs and the outputs of their activity. Each user is able to search for activities that have common inputs or outputs. The system provides information about these activities, including their location, since the distance is a factor that determines the cost. The tool supports multiple users and thus it is a valuable tool for the establishment of symbiotic activities in the area.


  • PostgreSQL
  • Geoserver
  • PHP / Javascript


The applications are available for the internal users.

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