Development of Electronic Registry Certifing Electricity Producers for the Regulatory Authority for Energy (Rae)

This project concerned the development of an Electronic Registry Certifying Electricity Producers, its interface with the Spatial Data Infrastructure (GIS) and the development of Electronic Submission of Data  for Excluded Stations.

The object of the project was the development of a multidimensional information system that, on the one hand, organized the information and elements of the licensing process and, on the other hand, provided the possibility of interconnection with third-party systems, utilizing free software/open-source software (FOSS).

The system development included:

  • The development of the 2 core modules, including notification, communication and search subsystems
    • Electricity Producer Certificates Electronic Registry System
    • Electronic Submission System for Excluded RES/CHP Stations
  • Modeling – Data Organization and Migration

 More specifically, the development of the Information System of the Electronic Register of Electricity Producer Certificates included all the provisions of the Regulation of Electricity Producer Certificates from RES and CHP and Electricity Producer Certificates of Special Projects of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and High-Efficiency Electricity-Heat Cogeneration (CHP) (Government Gazette 5291/B/2020).

At the same time, the Registry was interconnected with the Spatial Data Infrastructure. The interconnection concerned the communication with the geoinformation infrastructure to retrieve the necessary data regarding the results of the checks of the spatial data submitted with each application. Also, the interface with the Spatial Data Infrastructure was made for the cartographic visualization of the details of the applications.

Finally, the project includes the development of System for the Electronic Submission of Data  for Excluded RES / CHP Stations.

The system is developed in a parametric way, allowing the creation of workflows. Each workflow covers in practice a process of submission of data by stakeholders and their management by RAE executives.

Access to the system is graded, and to configure the system it is necessary to use a username and password through TaxisNet for external users and with system codes for RAE users.

Also, according to the specifications, the following services were provided:

  • Training
  • User Support
  • Installation/Hosting
  • Pilot-Production System Operation


Name: Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)

The Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) is an independent administrative authority, which enjoys, by the provisions of the law establishing it, financial and administrative independence. RAE was established on the basis of the provisions of L. 2773/1999, which was issued within the framework of the harmonization of the Hellenic Law to the provisions of Directive 96/92/EC for the liberalization of the electricity market.

The financial independence of RAE, which is an essential condition in order to preserve the Authority’s independence, was effectively ensured by the provisions of L. 2837/2000, through which it is anticipated that the Authority possesses its own resources, i.e. revenue bonds from the regulated industry, participation to research projects etc. These resources are managed in accordance with the Presidential Decree 139/2001 “Regulation for the Internal Operation and Administration of RAE”, while financial management is subject to ex-post auditing by Independent Auditors and the Court of Auditors.



  • PostgreSQL
  • Php
  • React.JS
  • WordPress
  • Discourse
  • GeoServer
  • GET SDI Portal
  • GeoNetwork

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