Real Estate property management application for Holy Diocese of Aitolia and Akarnania



Name: Holy Diocese of Aitolia and Akarnania

The importance of church real estate property, regarding its type, size, value, in combination to its allocation in the area of Holy Diocese, as well as its antiquity, multiplicity and the exclusive hard copy documentation of the material regarding property titles, contracts, topographic maps, requires the implementation of this project.


GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET), in cooperation with MaP and XYZ companies, implemented project regarding the development of an integrated Information System. The system permits full inventory, documentation and management of information regarding Holy Diocese’s property files as well as digitization and import of existing archival material (files, maps, diagrams etc.) into a database especially developed for this project.

The integrated information system for the Holy Diocese real estate property has been developed with the use and customization of free and open source software and includes geographic information management system.

Work packages implemented for this projects are: design, implementation, update and import of geographic data into the database, production and digitization of topographic diagrams and site maps, digitization of geospatial data archive. All deliverables are accompanied by metadata according to the INSPIRE Directive and the National Law 3882/2010. Search, view and download services have been also developed.

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