Marine environmental monitoring with satellite data services for Ionian Island Region


Name: Ionian Islands Region Development Fund


Decentralized Administration of Epirus and Central Macedonia / Water Directorate Epirus in cooperation with Milieukontant International Albania (leaders), Region of Ionian Islands / Corfu Regional Sector and Regional Council of Vlora implement the Action  «SAtellIte Near Real Time MOnitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian crossborder area» under the territorial Greece – Albania 2007-2013 cooperation program.
GET, in cooperation with DOTSOFT, completed successfully project for the Ionian Islands Region Development Fund as part of the Action SAIMON: SAtellIte Near Real Time MOnitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the GreekAlbanian crossborder area». SAIMON Action had as a goal to create an almost real time integrated system regarding satellite monitoring the risk of eutrophication in coastal waters of the Ionian Sea. GET reclaiming its experience in Geo-Informatics and Environmental Informatics projects developed an automatic mechanism for remote sensing collection and edit. Data resources include the European earth observation data repository, Copernicus, as well as NASA. Data received are sea temperature, chlorophyll level and sea clarity. After their editing, data are saved into a central spatial database which produces access and view services according to OGC standards and the INSPIRE Directive. Statistical data are also produced, such as mean values of the last ten days and mean monthly values for each parameter of the monitoring system. Data display takes place via the most contemporary spatial data web display and analysis, GET SDI Portal. Users of this application can, through a simple and user friendly interface to monitor spatio-temporal evolution of sea quality. either as thematic maps or as charts/time-series format. The application is provided as Software as a Service and can be expanded for any other region of Greece or Europe.


  • PostgreSQL
  • PostGIS
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS)
  • Geoserver
  • GeoWebCache
  • Geonetwork Opensource
  • GET SDI Portal

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