Environmental Informatics application for Enveco S.A.



Name: ENVECO S.A. Website: http://www.enveco.gr/ ENVECO S.A. has been providing Environmental Consulting Services during the last decades. The long experience of engineers, biologists, environmentalists, economists and other scientists who work for Enveco S.A. guarantee the quality of provided services.  
GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET) in cooperation with ENVECO S.A. implement project regarding the Development of Web Application for environmental parameters presentation. The web application displays environmental data from a central database of environmental measurements and provides the capacity for data search via attributes, area, category, infrastructures, date and time. Search results can be presented in tabular or graph format. The application provides mapping of the points where the measurements are taken from, through interactive maps per thematic category (e.g. aerial pollution, water, noise ect.). For each point there are available also information regarding location, codes etc.  

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