Climatic Altas of Greece


Name: Hellenic National Meteorological Service


The Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) is a government agency responsible for making weather forecasts and observations for Greece. HNMS was founded in 1931 under the Ministry of Aviation and its mission was to cover all the meteorological and climatological needs of the country.

Many European Meteorological Services and Institutes, following the orders of the Global Meteorological Organization regarding spatial grid meteorological data, created and published national meteorological atlases. In Greece, the only atlases so far where the one of 1935 of the National Observatory of Athens and the other created by Geoclima project ( Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS), in order to cover this gap, developed a digital climatic atlas based on homogenized time series of mean, maximum and minimum monthly temperature, cumulative monthly rainfall and mean monthly sunshine duration. Climatic Atlases were created via spatial analysis and spatial interpolation of meteorological data homogenised meteorological data. Meteorological Interpolation was based on Surface Homogenized Data, method which has been developed especially for meteorological parameters. Data derived from the stations network of HNMS, which is part of the Global Meteorological Organization’s Observatory System. Temperature is provided by 52 stations and sunshine duration by 44 stations. Precipitation is provided by 157 stations, 68 of them belong to HNMS network and 89 to the Public Electricity Provider. The interactive data view and disposal application of the Climatic Altas has been developed by GET and it is based on GET SDI Portal. The application. with a simple and user-friendly way, permits the navigation to climatic data, as dynamic format maps as well as diagrams, tables and reports format. The application is accessible at the website


  • GET SDI Portal
  • PostgreSQL
  • Geoserver
  • Javascript

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