Central Greece Region Open Data Portal for Gnosis Computer Company



Name:  Region of Central Greece

Website: http://www.pste.gov.gr/

Central Greece Region is at the center of the country, expanded from mainland and island areas, having access to Aegean Sea as well as to Ionian Sea via internal sea networks and long coastlines. Its main city is Lamia, the capital of Fthiotida.



GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET) developed Open Data Infrastructure and GeoPortal for Gnosis Computers company, member of the Consortium which implemented the research project “Geo-Environmental Information System for Cetral Greece Region (GENCNG)”. The purpose of this project is to provide information for environment’s condition regarding water sources, land and atmosphere, important investments installations (heavy industries, aquaculture), or pollution diffuse sources (eg informal industrial concentration, mines, fish farms), existing research, studies and measurements on high-risk areas, land use and legal status in any area and infrastructure networks.

The implementation of Open Data web Portal of Central Region for geospatial information disposal was implemented by GET according to the specifications of the Greek Law 4305/2014. Documents, information and data are provided via web as datasets in open format which is compatible to open standards. The Greek available data system is in full cooperation with the Spatial Data Infrastructure developed also for this project.


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