Business Intelligence & Analytics application for Breezer International Ltd



Name: Breezer International Ltd

The company is located and activated in Ghana as a fuel provider in an extensive gas station in Accra. Having as a basic requirement to update the way of data and information management regarding stores operation and the extension of its network, Breezer invests in Geo-Informatics technology.



The project “Power GeoPlatform” is a proof of innovative Geo-informatics solutions implementation according to tight schedule for private companies. GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET) provided consulting services, designed and developed web database application for inventory of its assets and other points of interest, developed visualization tools for mapping spatial distribution of required features as well as spatial analysis model, development of map creation tools. Moreover, during the project, GET provided technical support and professional training to Breezer’s employees.

The solution was based on the design and implementation of independent but interconnected modules serving business logic of the company. Open architecture approach was adopted in order to ensure the future development, scalability and interoperability to other systems. Moreover, the solution is based on the most widely used open standards (ISO, OGC) in the field of Geo-Informatics and Informatics.

For this project, GET developed spatial analysis model regarding the  location of a new gas store based on criteria such as the number of transactions, social and financial centers, number of stores inside a specific ray and area.


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