Assets management application for Gortynia Municipality



Name: Municipality of Gortynia


Municipality of Gortynia is located in Peloponissos. Having as a goal the improvement of residents’ everyday life, the achievement of social work and the development of the area, Municipality of Gortynia follows technological evolution and invest in Geo-Informatics



GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET) designed and implemented, for Gortynia Municipality asset management, geographic registry for water supply, water meters and record of current period indications. Purpose of the project is the inventory and coding of water supply assets within the area of the Municipality in combination to electronic monitoring of water consuming indications of current period.

The work packages below took place: current situation monitoring, creation of infrastructure for measurements of upcoming periods, results analysis, production of data for documentation and economic and technical study and pricing rationalization support.

Following the preparation of water supply assets file, the file was migrated in portable database (SQLite) in order to use the application in mobile devices. Moreover, device compatibility and precision GPS test took place as well as recording methodology and respective application for mobile devices (operating Android).


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