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Name: PublicaMundi


Coordinator of PublicaMundi project was the Information Systems Institute of the Research Center Athina. The other members of PublicaMundi team were: Rasdaman (Germany), GeoLabs (France) and GET (Greece). Part of the project was funded by the Europium Union under FP7, it started in November 2013 and completed in October 2015.



PublicaMundi aims to democratize open data publish and reuse process, making easier for publishers to share them and for developers to search and reuse them. In other words, after research, PublicaMundi team developed scalable/expandable, reusable tools and technologies supporting open data publishing, searching and reusing process.

PublicaMundi is an Open Project since it is supported by: Open Source: PublicaMundi is based on and expands open source software for geospatial data management. Open Data:  Open data are one of the European Union economy pillars, lever for better governance and economic development. Our goal was to make geospatial data “first class” citizens in data economy, easier publish, search and use for added-value services. Open Knowledge: all deliverables, software and published data from PublicaMundi project are offered under open knowledge license giving the capacity to SMEs, researchers and community to use and become part of the project. The first productive installation of PublicaMundi in national level is the open data Portal


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