We are quite pleased to announce the integration of Sentinel-3 mission data. Geospatial Enabling Technologies Ltd. (GET) as the unique Greek partner of Sinergise Ltd, continues to develop the concept of Sentinel Hub and successfully incorporates the newly launched service of Sentinel-3 data to the existing GETOpenData platform.

GET is exploring in its maximum the value of this new service of Sinergise, offering to the Greek market an innovative solution which provides Earth Observation open data, consisted of Sentinel-2, Landsat and now Sentinel-3 satellite data, as well as Copernicus data. The services which are offered via the GETOpenData platform can be combined with the development of central Spatial Data Infrastructures, so that users can have access to a multi-source data collection through GET SDI portal and take advantage of the special characteristics of each dataset in order to conclude to valuable results.

Speaking of special characteristics, the Sentinel-3 mission (currently in ramp-up phase) monitors the global oceans and inland waters via its Ocean and Land Color Instrument, offering new eyes on Earth, especially in the objectives of water quality measurements, sediment transport in coastal areas and climate change, as well as atmospheric aerosols and clouds estimation.

Sentinel-3 data can be easily combined with Sentinel-2 and Landsat data, along with other datasets into the GETOpenData platform to support observations of vegetation and crop conditions, ocean forecasting systems, environmental monitoring and climate monitoring, all of which bring significant benefits to society through an integrated decision-making system.

GETOpenData platform newly added functions are provided as Software as a Service and consequently there is no cost for obtaining or maintaining software and infrastructures.