GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES (GET) was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Athens and in Thessaloniki, active in Greece and abroad. Our team consists of professionals with high level of technical knowledge and experience in management and development of spatial information, in open standards, open and free software, open data and the environment.


We give value to Geospatial Information

Our Mission: Making Location Matter

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the best provider of Geo-Informatics solution based on open standards, open and free software and open data contributing essentially to the improvement of society and knowledge sharing.


Why choose us?

We are the first Geo-Informatics company in Greece developing professional, complex solutions based on Free Software / Open Source Software through contemporary business models (Infrastructure/Software/Data as a Service).

We are the first company in Greece developing business combination solution of Open Data Portals with Spatial Data Infrastructures based on Free Software / Open Source Software (FOSS).

We are the first Geo-Informatics Company in Greece implementing, since 2010, projects, based in software developed and support by the company itself. The mapping platform, GET SDI Portal is FOSS (available in Github under license GPLv3) and it used by more than 30 customers globally (Greece, United Kingdom, Ghana, Ecuador, Spain, China).

We are the first company in Greece which offers innovative solution for Earth Observation open data designed in order to use/reclaim European infrastructures of Sentinel satellite network as well as Copernicus data Repository minimizing software cost since the solution is based on Free and Open Source Software and and provided as Software/Platform as a Service (SaaS / PaaS)

Our solutions are based on open standards (OGC) and compatible to directives and laws governing information management (INSPIRE, PSI).

We prefer to use open & free software, however we can implement, with equal success, solutions with the use of commercial software (ESRI, Intergraph, Oracle, Microsoft)

We believe in data economy and its perspective and this the reason leading us for developing solutions based on and create open data.

We invest in research and innovations and this is represented in our solutions which are modern and based on alternative business models  (Cloud based, S / D / I aaS).

We are notable for the high level of Corporate Social Responsibility expressed by a variety of actions.

Completed Projects

SDI Portal Customers


Years of Reliable Presence



The company is founded and begins providing Geoinformatics solutions based mostly on Intergraph technology. It becomes the first company in Greece that develops solutions based on the Google Maps API.

The First Projects


We implement important projects, for Kathimerini in the private sector, and for the municipality of Athens in the public sector.

INSPIRE Projects


We successfully complete the first projects for the INSPIRE directive implementation in Greece, for the National Mapping Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Korinthos Project


We complete the complex project for Fire Detection and Prevention for the Prefecture of Korinthos.

Open Source


A strategic partnership with Boundless is put in place. GET aggressively turns to providing geoinformatics solution development services based on mostly Open Source software.



The first version of GETSDI Portal is made available through a GPLV3.



At the INSPIRE conference in Istanbul we present the Geoportal for the Regulatory Authority of Energy, which is based on our GETSDI Portal.



Our first SDI projects are implemented, to help local governments comply with the INSPIRE directive, and at the same time help reform their income policies.

Expanding Abroad


We win our first project abroad, in Ghana, Ecuador, and the United Kingdom, and we implement the first Open Data Portal in local government at the Municipality of Gortynia. We become ODI and OGC members.

Share Capital Increase


The Spatial Data Infrastructure for the municipality of Thessaloniki is completed successfully. The company’s capital is increased in resources and skills, and we are expanding in new areas of activity such as Business Intelligence and the Environment. We become an SI-Cluster member.



Using our technology GETSDI Portal, the research project Aquanet is delivered. PublicaMundi project is successfully completed and the new website goes live.



Following the cooperation with SINERGISE, GET provides Sentinel Satellite Data as a Service and develops a variety of applications for sectors like the environment, agriculture and crisis management.

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